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        村正刀Vehicle automation aims to enhance people’s lives, by improving road capacity and simply freeing up time that would have been previously spent on driving.?村正刀村正刀However, safety remains a challenging problem, and several incidents have proven just how important cyber security is to ensure physical safety, as vulnerabilities have previously allowed malefactors to take control of a car.村正刀

        村正刀The communications infrastructure used in cars today (known as a Controller Area Network, or CAN) was mostluy designed? the 1980s?and developed for exchanging information between different microcontrollers. Essentially, this comprises and out of date peer-to-peer network.村正刀

        These networks weren’t built with security in mind, as it wasn’t then?a key concern?then but over time new functionality has been layered on top of existing functions, all connected to the CAN. This offers no access control or security features but instead leaves vehicle access potentially open to criminals.

        In most known cases, bad actors have? exploited code mistakes, unintentionally left by developers. This can happen because modern vehicles are complex systems, making it hard to manage the security of all the components. Moreover, these systems are regularly updated, and it is important to ensure that changes in one component will not affect how a vehicle operates.

        村正刀Solutions and services for securing vehicles with advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) functionalities have been developed by Kaspersky, in collaboration with AVL SFR.村正刀

        Kaspersky has announced the first successful integration of its new automotive KasperskyOS into an electronic control unit (ECU) of an ADAS, developed by AVL SFR. The holistic security solution is located at the level of the operating system and the controller is an open and customisable development platform for both prototype and series development. The secure operating system is designed to protect communications between ADAS components and to safeguard all the autonomous vehicle functions.? ?

        村正刀Collaboration between smart car manufacturers and cybersecurity experts is essential to establish standards in this emerging discipline.村正刀

        KasperskyOS provides strong separation between components, so any unwanted interference is not possible by default.
        The interaction between all electronic components is controlled by the Kaspersky Security System, the security policy engine within KasperskyOS. It monitors the launch of processes, as well as communications between each component and with the operating system.

        Kaspersky:? ? ? ? I-HLS:? ? ?Autonomoud Vehicle International:?

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