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        部队驾驶证Test-Drive the CYRIN Cyber Range CYRIN® is a next-generation cyber range platform featuring real tools, real attacks, and real scenarios that provides hands-on training and experience for IT Engineers and Cyber Security Defenders. Personalized Demo FREE 30-Day Test Drive No Specialized Software Required 部队驾驶证


        If you’re a cyber security professional or college or university faculty teaching cybersecurity classes, allow us to demonstrate the most current and in-depth training and educational content available anywhere. CYRIN allows you to teach remotely, virtually and in a “learn-by-doing” realistic environment. And our unique tools such as Performance Monitor and Exercise Builder allow you to monitor students and build out your own set of labs!


        CYRIN works for any number of people involved in training, teaching or improving their basic security skill sets including cyber security specialists, intelligence analysts, cyber operations staff, network security engineers, cyber security threat analysts, IT systems developers, cyber defense analysts, and CISOs.

        Let us show you how CYRIN will make a difference in defending, educating and training your staff or students in the ways of cyber security.