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        香港开Employees never fully engaged with ‘the annual cyber security e-learning programme?’香港开

        香港开Looking for a solution that inspires rather than disengages? Especially now they’re ‘WFH’?香港开

        GoCyber is the answer.

        And, partnering exclusively with Cyber Security Intelligence, you have the unique opportunity to try the first 3 steps for free.

        “With a completely fresh approach to training, GoCyber focuses on instilling good habits and changing the behaviour of employees when they’re online. If you take cyber security seriously, this new app is a no-brainer.” explains Alfred Rolington, CEO Cyber Security Intelligence.

        GoCyber Film Inspiring content, thought provoking questions and peer to peer learning, topped with a dose of gamification and challenges, the daily 10 minute experience for 10 days will revolutionise the way your employees operate online – both at home and in the workplace. Topped up throughout the year with an engaging monthly refresh, curated by their team of experts.

        Get in touch to schedule a 3 step demo and see the new Go Cyber approach to cyber security training in action.